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The Open Research Forum is an opportunity for IS researchers, at any level of experience and seniority, to discuss themes relating to the SSIT in an informal constructive setting. In previous years the Forum attracted also experienced SSIT researchers, supervisors and PhD programme directors and we had stimulating discussions about the merits and challenges of SSIT research.


We realized we communicated the venue of the event only in the programme pdf available here:

Anyway, the venue is OLD 3.21- 3rd floor of the Old Building, Houghton St
For event info:

See you there!

Niccolo, Kari and Antti


ORF Programme

Dear friend,

Below you can find the programme for the SSIT Open Research Forum. There could still be edits/additions, but it will be structured as follows. Please notice that registrations are still open (deadline 9th April) – register as soon as possible to reserve a place. And, we would be glad if you wanted to circulate the information about the event to friends and colleagues who might be interested!

9:30am: Registration, welcome + introduction

10:00-11:40am: Presentations Session 1

11:40-12:00: Coffee break

12:00-13:00: Panel: ‘Publishing and early career planning’. Confirmed panelists: Amany Elbanna (Royal Holloway), Fredrik Ljungberg (, Mark Perry (Brunel), Steve Sawyer (Syracuse). Chair: Aleksi Aaltonen (LSE).

13:00-14:00: Lunch

14:00-15:40: Presentations Session 2

15:40-16:10: Presentations by Digital Innovation Challenge winners (

16:10-16:20: Coffee break

16:20-17:40: Panel: ‘Materiality in information infrastructures development’. Confirmed panelists: Maha Shaikh (Warwick Business School), Will Venters (LSE), Richard Vidgen (Hull Business School), Youngjin Yoo (Temple University). Chair: Jannis Kallinikos (LSE).

18:00: Pub toast!

The programme of the SSIT conference of the 25th ’The Allure of Big Data’ is here (the conference requires a second registration).

Looking forward to see you there!
Kari Koskinen, Antti Lyyra and Niccolo Tempini

Provisional faculty list

As an encouragement for registrations, we are sharing a provisional list of attending faculty. Reserve your place!

Aleksi Aaltonen, LSE
Antonio Cordella, LSE
Amany Elbanna, Royal Holloway
Jannis Kallinikos, LSE
Frank Land, LSE
Fredrik Ljungberg,
Shirin Madon, LSE
Mark Perry, Brunel
Steve Sawyer, Syracuse
Maha Shaikh, Warwick Business School
Will Venters, LSE
Richard Vidgen, Hull University
Youngjin Yoo, Temple University

Faculty and Programme

The programme is in the works and will be announced soon.  There will be interesting panels focussing on hot contemporary debates.

Similarly we are finalizing the list of the faculty that will attend to the workshop and ensure the level of the discussion and the feedback that presenters will receive will remain high.

Please stay tuned, announcements due soon.

Niccolo, Kari and Antti