Open Call

Dear friend,

We are pleased to invite you to The 10th Social Study of ICTs Open Research Forum (SSIT-ORF 2014) which will be held at LSE on 24th April 2013. The Open Research Forum is an opportunity for IS researchers, at any level of experience and seniority, to present and discuss research relating to the SSIT in an informal constructive setting.

The Forum provides an ideal opportunity for PhD and junior IS researchers to present their work and raise questions on issues of their concern: substantive, theoretical, methodological or practical. This event has proved also a useful experience for researchers in kindred fields wishing to understand what SSIT is about – e.g. researchers studying questions of technology or information systems from an engineering or business perspective.

Over the years, the forum has been successfully creating a friendly atmosphere in a full day rich with high-level discussions. The Forum also attracts experienced SSIT researchers, supervisors and PhD programme directors. We expect that this year the Forum will have a similar mix of PhD, junior and experienced academics and that it will accommodate challenging discussions on the nature of SSIT.

The Forum is organised in conjunction with its sister event, the 14th Social Study of ICTs Workshop ‘The Allure of Big Data’, to be held the following day 25th April (

Please note that for administrative reasons the two events require each its own registration. Below you find further details and instructions for registration for the ORF day.

If you have any questions,do not hesitate to contact us at

We are looking forward to seeing you in April!

Antti Lyyra, Kari Koskinen and Niccolò Tempini



A significant feature of the SSIT-ORF is its informality. Presenters are suggested to avoid PowerPoint presentations or the use of transparencies. Traditionally we worked through brief, sharp presentations (about 10 minutes), then allowing for discussion, both on issues related with the specifics of a research presentation and more general issues identified as being of concern to many researchers.

Instructions for registration

Registration is now open.

1- Attendees need to register through an electronic form (link Those who are interested in participating without presenting need only to submit the form.

2- Those who will make a presentation need to follow the form submission with a summary (up to 500 words) of the work or research issues to be presented at

As space is limited, we strongly recommend early registration.


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